Japanese 1A Final 2014

Where and When?

Friday 12/12 ... Speaking @ Regular classroom

Tuesday 12/16 1:30-3:30 p.m....Listening,Kanji, Reading & Writing @ HIB 100


Speaking (40 pts):

You will need to come to your classroom at a previously-assigned time in order to take this oral interview. You will be assigned one of the three tasks (see below) on the day of performance; however, you must prepare for all three tasks, as you do not know which one you will be assigned to participate in. A teacher will ask you 5 questions related to the task and you will be expected to answer these 5 questions in an appropriate manner. You must come to the classroom 10 minutes before your assigned time.

Task 1: You are at a Japanese restaurant. The teacher is a nosy waitress, so she will ask you 5 questions about yourself. Your task is to answer your waitress. She will ask you about food, your college, and your hometown.

Task 2: You will be having lunch with your friend (a teacher). She will ask you how your weekend went. Answer these 5 questions about your weekend.

Task 3: You will attend a party where several international students are also in attendance. You meet a person from Japan (a teacher will act as if she is this person.) She will ask you 5 questions, including an invitation.

1. Answer the 5 questions    (2,4,6,8,or10 points)

10 points

2. Variety of Vocabulary & Expressions

10 points

3. Accuracy - Grammatical correctness       

10 points

4. Pronunciation & Fluency

10 points




Listening (40 pts):

Part I: 2 mid sized conversations which will be repeated twice. Qeustions will be read twice before the conversation, and once after the conversation.

Part II: 1 short monologue which will also be repeated twice. Questions will be read twice before the monologue, and once after the monologue.

You will jot down answers in English to questions given in Japanese concerning each section above on a given answer sheet.

You will be provided some scratch paper on which you will need to make notes as you listen to the monologue. You will need to take as many quick and careful notes as possible on the scratch paper as you listen, in order to be able to correctly answer the questions that follow.


Reading and Kanji (80 pts):

Kanji part I: Kanji writing: You will convert words written in hiragana into kanji. (1 pts x 20 = 20 pts)

Kanji part II
Kanji reading: You will provide the reading of the kanji appeared in the reading passage. (1 pts x 8 = 8 pts)

Reading Comprehension
: You will read a passage and answer ten questions in Japanese. (4 pts x 13 = 52 pts)


Writing (40 pts):

Suppose you are studying on EAP at Tsuru University for a year and have become a member of the “International Friendship Club.” In order to improve your Japanese, you have been writing articles for the Club newsletter. You are to write three to four well-organized paragraphs about new club members, whose personal information will be provided for you.

Grading Criteria:

1. Quantity and Variety of Facts 8 points
2. Variety of Vocabulary & Expressions 8 points

3. Grammatical Accuracy

8 points
4. Organization and Flow: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, Appropriate Use of Sentence Connectors: 8 points
5. Correct Usage of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji 8 points