2013 Japanese 1C Final Project

3 Min Cooking Show or Commercial on TV

Time & Place of the Presentation:

6/6 & 7 (TH & F) at your regular classroom. Everyone must be in attendance on that day.


Using a wide variety of expressions that you have learned with Yookoso vol. 1, you will record a special feature on TV to introduce how to make a Japanese dish of your choice or to promote a product.@You may also introduce
something related to Japanese styles of clothing, such as how to put on a kimono or yukata, explanation of a
COSPLAY outfit or Harajuku fashion, etc.


About 3 minutes (Average time for one individual should range 1.5-2 minutes of speaking time.)


- Limited to 2 people.  
- Each presenter should speak for an equal amount of time 
Upload your project in Youtube.
- When you film your project, be sure to speak clearly so that the audience can hear you.  It will be better to film inside somewhere, rather than outside, due to the effect of wind and distracting noises, etc. However, if you do choose to film outside, check your result after you have finished filming in order to confirm that everyone's lines can be heard clearly.
- All narration or dialogue must be memorized
- You may use actions and props.
- It is advised that you have someone PROOFREAD your script before memorizing it. 
- Since each presentation will be shown in class, it is advised that you try to avoid extremely violent scenes, overly-sexual references, etc. that could possibly offend classmates and/or instructors. If you have any qualms about this point, be sure to check with your instructor.

On the Day of Presentation:
- Send the link to Youtube to the instructor by Wednesday June 5th Midnight.

Goals: To promote the 21 centry skills
1. Use Japanese to present information in a meaningful way
2. Learn to collaborate with classmates
3. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
4. Exercise creativity and innovation
5. Strengthen information, media and technology literacy
6. Learn to be flexible and adaptable
7. Take initiative and self-directed
8. Enhance social and cross-cultural skills
9. Become productive and accountable learners
10. Take leadership and responsibility

The total score will be 40 points (each of the following categories is worth 10 points).
1. Volume & overall organization (evaluated as a group)
2. Content (evaluated as a group)
3. Creativity and innovation (evaluated as a group)
4. Grammatical accuracy and variety of expressions and vocabulary (evaluated individually)