Enroll in Human 175 CHINESE NEUROPOETIC for Spring 2018

Department: East Asian Lang. & Literatures

Post Date: February 13, 2018

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This course uses an integrated approach to introduce students to how the brain
structures the information about the world to which we respond. We shall see
that classical Chinese poetics is a poetics of engagement and articulated
response that is remarkably consistent with the neuroscientific model of deeply
affectively informed perception. The course as a whole presents the challenge of
bringing together models developed in neuroscience and models long established
in the humanities to explore ways in which they attempt to account for
modes of human engagement in the world that they both have the responsibility
to explain. This challenge will occupy neuroscience and the humanities for decades
to come, and this course takes stock of our current situation. No knowledge
of Chinese is required. The course is an elective for the Chinese Studies major.

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