Date Time Program Title
11/21/2110:30 AMEast Asian StudiesThe Alpine Archipelago: Surveying Japan from the Timberline
11/14/2110:30 AMEast Asian StudiesThe Alpine Archipelago: Surveying Japan from the Timberline
11/12/2108:00 AMEast Asian StudiesUCI International Education Week 2021
10/26/2103:30 PMEast Asian StudiesSquid Game @ UCI
09/23/2104:30 PMEast Asian StudiesMichael Fuller's Retirement Party
06/09/2105:00 PMEast Asian StudiesChina in One Village
02/28/2104:00 PMEast Asian StudiesThe Mask Debate - Talkback
02/25/2109:30 AMEast Asian StudiesNuclear Currents, Nuclear Humanities: Environmental Humanities Meeting + Reading Group
02/11/2103:00 PMEast Asian StudiesASK CHARLOTTE ANYTHING!
01/22/2104:00 PMEast Asian StudiesKorean Sensibility and the Double Reed in Korean Film Music
12/16/2011:00 AMEast Asian StudiesEnvironmental Humanities Reading Group
11/15/2004:00 PMEast Asian Studies"Pan-Damn-It!"
10/08/2005:30 PMEast Asian StudiesOctober 8th: Talk by CedarBough Saeji: "How Cultural Difference Became K-pop's Key to Success around the World"
05/28/2002:00 PMEast Asian StudiesA Talk by Ken Liu: The Values of Stories
05/19/2003:00 PMEast Asian StudiesKorea's Response to COVID-19: A Lesson To Be Learned
05/14/2002:00 PMEast Asian StudiesFeatured Talk with Wang Yao: Crossing the Boundaries: A Conversation on Invisible Chinese Science Fiction
02/20/2001:00 PMEast Asian StudiesComparative Literature Graduate Conference "Moment of Danger"
02/13/2012:30 PMEast Asian StudiesIs it Jjapaguri or Ramdon? Sharing the Oscars with Korean Film Experts
02/12/2004:00 PMEast Asian StudiesScreening & Reception DOI TOSHIKUNI: FUKUSHIMA SPEAKS (2018)
01/27/2012:00 PMEast Asian StudiesLunar New Year Festival 2020 Performance Flyer
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