Date Time Program Title
06/06/1906:00 PMEast Asian StudiesWar and Women's Human Rights: Testimonies of the Comfort Women - Film Screening of HERSTORY with Director Min Kyu-dong
04/30/1903:30 PMEast Asian StudiesA Reading and Author Talk with Xue Yiwei
02/04/1912:00 PMEast Asian StudiesLunar New Year Festival 2019
01/31/1911:00 AMEast Asian StudiesPoetry Reading by Emily Yoon
01/24/1902:00 PMEast Asian StudiesThe Politics of Cosmopolitanism: Nam June Paik, Mega-Events and the Spectacle of Media Art
12/10/1801:00 PMEast Asian StudiesJapanese Environmental Humanities in The Desert, Master Class Preview
10/22/1802:00 PMEast Asian StudiesHopkins-Nanjing Center UCI Visit
05/04/1804:30 PMEast Asian StudiesUCI Japanese Anime Night-Your Name
04/23/1806:00 PMEast Asian StudiesHip Hop Artist Freeloader MC
03/02/1804:30 PMEast Asian StudiesUCI Japanese Anime Night-In This Corner of the World
02/21/1802:30 PMEast Asian StudiesFilm Screening "Your Name"
02/15/1812:00 PMEast Asian StudiesAnnual Lunar New Year Festival 2018
11/09/1704:00 PMEast Asian StudiesUnique Potential Discovery of Japan
11/02/1706:00 PMEast Asian StudiesFilm Screening of The Fortress
10/25/1711:00 AMEast Asian Studies"Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan"
10/17/1705:00 PMEast Asian StudiesHopkins-Nanjing Center Information Session
10/02/1702:30 PMEast Asian StudiesOctober 2nd- Film Screening of THE WORLD OF US
06/16/1709:00 AMEast Asian StudiesOf Soils, Roots, and Streams: A Symposium on Ecology of Japan
06/05/1705:00 PMEast Asian StudiesBook Talk Event with Author Park Min-gyu
05/30/1705:00 PMEast Asian StudiesGraduate Cinema Series - "Cock and Bull"
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