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News and Events

Report on a Conference:
Modern Chinese Religion: Value Systems in Transformation
Part 1. Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan

June 25-28, 2012 at Chinese University of Hong Kong

This four-day conference convened by Prof. John Lagerwey brought together scholars from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the US to explore developments in many aspects of religious practice from the beginning of the Son through the end of the Yuan.  Please see the program for details.

The conference proceeding result will become atwo-volume Brill-published sequel to the four volumes already published on early Chinese religion, and that publication is expected in late 2013 or early 2014.

Announcing an
International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400
Planned for early June 2014 at Harvard

Call for Paper Proposals

This three/four-day conference is open to scholars in all fields--history, literature, art, archaeology, philosophy, religion--and from all countries. The optional fourth day will offer participants opportunities to learn computation methods and databases.

All papers presented will be permanently archived online and entered into bibliographies. Some papers will be selected for further refinement and inclusion in a thematic (e-) book.

Scholars and graduate students writing dissertations who would like to present research papers at this conference should submit a proposal consisting of a one-page abstract and a one-page CV.

To prepare our requests for funding we need lots of exciting proposals. Give us the evidence that innovative research is being done on this period and help us show that scholars in different disciplines have much to gain from talking to each other. The more good proposals that we get, the more participants we will be able to fund.

Deadline for paper proposals: July 15, 2012

Please send proposals as email attachments to both: Patricia Ebrey ebrey@uw.edu and Peter Bol pkbol@fas.harvard.edu

宋都开封与十至十三世纪中 国史国际学术研讨会

暨中国宋史研究会第十五届 年会通知

(第 一号)


经 中国宋史研究会理事会2011823日 会议研究决定,“‘宋都开封与十至十三世纪中国史国际学术研讨会暨中国宋史研究会第十 五届年会将 在中国开封举行。会议由中国宋史研究会、河南大学联合主办,河南大学历史文化学院承办,现将有关事项通知如下:

一、 会议时间:201282022日, 会期3天。 报到时间:819日。

二、 会议地点:中国••••河 南省开封市金明大道:河南大学新校区(金明校区)中州国际金明酒店。

三、 会议主题:宋都开封与十至十三世纪中国史

在 分组研讨的同时,拟延续武汉会议的模式,设若干专题论坛,从即日起各论坛专题开始征集,欢迎大家提议并邀约同好积极参与。

四、 会议规模:130150人 (暂拟)。

五、 日程安排:

819日: 代表报到、审阅会议文件、自由活动;

        晚 上730召 开理事会。

820 上 午:开幕式,学术信息报告,中国宋史研究会会员大会。

        下 午:分组讨论。

821 上 午:分组讨论。

        下 午:继续分组讨论、大会总结暨闭幕式

        晚 上:理事会,讨论研究论文选编等事宜。

822日, 离会。或者由旅行社安排外出参观,费用自理。

参 观拟分两路:一是考察郑州市巩义北宋皇陵、河南省博物院,部分客人如果由郑州返程,当天晚上可以从郑州火车站或飞机场启程,不必返回开封。二是考察焦作市 云台山。

六、 参会范围:

1. 中 国大陆参会人员应是中国宋史研究会会员,并提交论文(详见学会章程第八条),代表持正式邀请函参会。

2. 提 交论文的海外专家学者。

3. 由 于接待能力有限,正式被邀请的代表以外人员恕难接待。

七、 会议费用:

1. 差 旅、住宿费自理。

2. 会 务费每人300元 人民币(国外学者亦可每人交纳50美 元)。

八、 具体事宜:

1. 参会论文:20111130日 以前提交参会论文题目;201231日 前,提交500字 左右的论文提要(word文 档电子本);2012615日 前,务请惠赐齐、清、定的参会论文(word文 档电子本),字数一般不超过12000字。 请各论坛召集人负责收集本论坛的文章,邀请学者评议,并提前把评论意见整理发给会务组。

      论 文格式以《历史研究》2004年 第6期 《关于〈历史研究〉文献引证标注方式的规定》为准。未按时提交正式论文者,恕不发寄会议正式邀请函。会议结束后,将选编出版会议论文集。

2. 凡欲与会学者,请逐一填写回执内容,并于20111130日 前以纸本信件(以邮戳为准)或电子邮件,赐寄河南大学历史文化学院田志光老师。

3. 由于开封火车站是小站,多数列车不停靠,与会 人员须经郑州机场或火车站抵达者,请根据行程安排自行选择出行路线,并尽量提前 预定好返程票。郑州火车站可以转陇海铁路的列车抵达开封。郑州机场有大巴抵达开封,出租车到达开封路途需要一小时。

通 讯地址:    中 国••••河 南省开封市顺河区明伦街85号, 河南大学历史文化学院,邮编: 475001

人:   苗 书梅,电话:+86-378-2868116()+86-13803789126

            马 玉臣,电话:+86-378-2813776()+86-13523780759

            田 志光,电话:+86-15226068216

会 议专用电子邮箱: songshi1208@163.com.

                                                中 国宋史研究会

                                                河 南大学历史文化学院


Announcing a New Journal:  International Song Research (國際宋研 究)

Hangzhou Normal University has established a new Academy of Chinese Studies (Guoxue Yuan); and among its five Centers is the International Song Research Center (Guoji Song Yanjiu Zhongxin). The Song Center and its new journal (Guoji Song Yanjiu) take a broad view of the Song to include not only all happenings during this era but also the broader cultural system and cultural patterns that began in the Northern Song and have persisted into the modern period. The journal is not limited to history, but encompasses other disciplines, such as the fine arts, literature, archeology, etc. Studies of the Western Xia, the Liao, Jin and Yuan are welcome, especially as they relate to the Song. Moreover, the Center and its journal invite research on Song Studies in later dynasties in East Asia and also during the Modern era worldwide. Since Song research is international, the journal editors encourage international methodologies and interpretations. The Center desires to enhance international dialogue based upon mutual appreciation for research and methods from diverse areas globally. In the future, the Center will announce programs to assist the research of graduate students and professors; however, the initial focus is the journal.

Articles and reviews in Chinese, English and Japanese are equally welcomed.  Abstracts for manuscripts in English and Japanese should be accompanied by an abstract of 1,000 Chinese characters. Article manuscripts and book reviews with fresh insights, materials and methodologies, as well as creative breakthroughs, will not have length restrictions. The editors particularly welcome discussions of major issues in recent scholarship. The journal asks authors to follow the style format of the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, or (if submitted in Chinese) Lishi yanjiu. Following standard practice, the journal will not accept unsolicited book reviews, but will rather request book reviews from specialists in the area of significant major works.

There are no restrictions regarding the nationality, perspective or status, etc., of prospective author(s) since the only criterion for International Song Research will be the scholarly value of the submitted article. Thus, the new journal seeks to emulate the Bulletin of the Institute of History & Philology and will also try to follow in the successful footsteps of Tang Yanjiu. 

Hoyt Tillman (Tian Hao) is serving as chief editor, with associate editor Professor Fan Lizhou of Hangzhou Normal University, in close collaboration with Peking University Professor Deng Xiaonan and with professional guidance from China’s Song History Research Association. Princeton Emeritus Professor Yu Yingshi provided the calligraphy for the journal’s title.

Please send one hardcopy of your article manuscript to:
Hangzhou Normal University
Guoxue Yuan, Administration (Building Room 828)
Attention: Ms. Ye Huiling
Xiasha Gaojiao Yuan District
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310036

Please also send an electronic attached file of your article manuscript to:
Ms. Ye Huiling:  fxyyhl@163.com
Professor Fan Lizhou: fans1208@126.com
Professor Hoyt Tillman: Hoyt.Tillman@gmail.com

Respectfully submitted,
Hoyt Tillman

Charles Hartman and Li Cho-ying announce the publication of the article, “A Newly Discovered Inscription by Qin Gui: Its Implications for the History of Song Daoxue,” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 70.2 (December 2010): 387-448.  They discuss a newly discovered inscription by Qin Gui that uses the term daotong 道統 in an imperial context that predates Zhu Xi's use.  Please see the announcement.

Archived News and Events

“When shall West Lake be without song or dance?”  A Conference about Southern Song Culture (Univ. of Michigan, Oct. 7-9, 2011)

「文藝紹興 -南宋藝術與文化」學術研討會議程 Dynastic Renaissance:  Art and Culture of the Southern Song

Ideas, Networks, Places: Rethinking Chinese History of the Middle Period (Harvard University, July 7-8, 2009)

Tribute to Yanagida Setsuko

Song Studies Conference in China