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The Society for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasty Studies is an international society committed to the encouragement of the study of Chinese—as well as Jürchen, Khitan, Tangut, and Mongol—history, society, and culture from the founding of the Song dynasty to the end of the Yuan dynasty.

The Society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2011 in California and has been granted federal 501(c)3 non-profit status. 

To become a member of the society please review the information on the page for Membership and Subscription.

To contribute to the Society, please contact the President, Don J. Wyatt.

For a copy of the by-laws of the corporation, please click here.

Officers of the Society

President:  Don J. Wyatt
Secretary-Treasurer:  Cong Ellen Zhang

Board of Directors

Beverly Bossler (term:  2014-2018)
Hilde DeWeerdt (term:  2014-2018)
Michael A. Fuller (term:  2014-2016)
Robert Hymes (term:  2014-2016)
Ruth Mostern (term:  2014-2018)
Julia Murray (term:  2014-2016)
Don J. Wyatt (ex officio)
Cong Ellen Zhang (ex officio)