Date Time Program Title
05/29/1912:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesMedieval Race Reading Group: What was race?
02/27/1909:00 AMThe Center for Early CulturesPolitics of the Obscene: Obscenity and its Mediations in Early Modern Europe
01/18/1912:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesAbsolving God: Thomas Hobbes' Scriptural Strategy Alison McQueen Stanford University
11/30/1812:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesEarly Culture lunch lectures
10/13/1810:00 AMThe Center for Early CulturesProfanity: The Obscene and the Secular in Early Cultures
10/12/1809:00 AMThe Center for Early CulturesProfanity: The Obscene and the Secular in Early Cultures
06/01/1812:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesDr. Leah Astbury (Cambridge University) "Fertility in Early Modern England"
04/26/1804:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesUCI Center for Early Cultures and the Department of Art History Present: "Ambiguous Gender, Transgressive Bodies, and Sovereign Authority in the Valois Court"
03/06/1810:00 AMThe Center for Early CulturesPremodern Intersectionality Marginal Identities in Early Cultures
03/02/1812:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesNarcissus, Stupor, and the Origins of Painting
01/19/1812:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesGlobal Shakespeare Symposium
11/17/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesIsabel von Holt, Lohenstein's Turkish Plays
11/09/1703:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesJane Hwang Degenhardt, "Shakespeare's Making of the World"
11/06/1706:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesAnthony Cutler (Evan Pugh University Professor of Art History, Penn State University) "Dissolving the Fourth Wall"
10/27/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesPeter Frei (UCI) "Political Fictions of the Renaissance: The Reinvention of Literature in Early Modern France"
10/13/1709:00 AMThe Center for Early Cultures2017 Early Cultures Graduate Conference: Travel and Translation
05/12/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesCristophe Litwin, Lunchtime Talk
03/03/1710:00 AMThe Center for Early CulturesConstructing Space: Objects, Bodies, Cities and Environment
02/10/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesBronwen Wilson, "On Death: Between the Face and the Head"
01/27/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesToward An Illustrated Cultural History of the Memory Arts, The Nora Folkenflik Lecture
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