Date Time Program Title
05/19/1603:30 PMCulture and TheoryCookies & Theory
04/22/1602:00 PMCulture and TheoryCritical Voices Workshop
04/21/1603:30 PMCulture and TheoryCookies & Theory: Preparing for the Job Market
04/20/1612:00 PMCulture and TheoryIlluminating Queer Archival Research in the Humanities
03/10/1612:30 PMCulture and Theory"The Difference It Makes When Your Doctor is Asian American: Physician Memoirs and the Critique of Restitution"
03/08/1601:00 PMCulture and TheoryWinter Culture and Theory Faculty Meeting
02/16/1609:00 AMCulture and TheoryConversations on Race & Space with Professor Scott Kurashige
02/09/1612:00 PMCulture and TheoryCookies and Theory: Shadee Malaklou
01/22/1602:00 PMCulture and TheoryFall Culture and Theory Faculty and Student Meeting
10/27/1511:00 AMCulture and TheoryTalks with Anna Everett
09/21/1502:00 PMCulture and TheoryFall 2016 Culture and Theory Faculty and Student Orientation
01/22/1302:00 PMCulture and TheoryTransnational Laments and the Queering of Sentimiento
05/20/1101:00 PMCulture and TheoryHeather Love Lecture, " The Stigma Archive"
05/19/1112:00 PMCulture and Theory"THE END(S) OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES?"a talk and workshop by Kenneth W. Warren, University of Chicago
04/30/1008:00 AMCulture and Theory2010 Culture and Theory Graduate Student Conference - "Quarantine"
04/22/1006:00 PMCulture and TheoryArtist Lecture: Young Min Moon explores the inherent destabilizing nature of the archive and the challenge of representing history.
04/01/1012:00 PMCulture and Theory"How to be Gay", a lecture by David M. Halperin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
01/20/1002:00 PMCulture and TheoryCulture and Theory Ph.D. Program's Speaker Series presents Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD, University of Michigan - "Mapping an Interdisciplinary Career: Gender, Race, Health and Medicine" - January 20th, 2010, 2:00-3:30.
01/20/1002:00 PMCulture and TheoryJonathan Metzl, MD, PhD, University of Michigan "Mapping an Interdisciplinary Career: Gender, Race, Health, and Medicine"
03/05/0901:00 PMCulture and Theory"The First Appearance of Second Life: Shakespeare in the Deep Eighteenth Century" by Joseph Roach, Professor of English and African-American Studies and the Sterling Professor of Theatre, Yale University
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