2010 Culture and Theory Graduate Student Conference - "Quarantine"

Department: Culture and Theory

Date and Time: April 30, 2010 | 8:00 AM-6:00 PM

Event Location: UCI Student Center, Newport A and Balboa A & B Rooms

Event Details

Conference theme was inspired by the cultural panics and anxieties that emerged out of the public discourse surrounding the H1N1 flu virus. Declared a national emergency by the Obama Administration, our cultural imaginary on disease, health, and bodies has become deeply mired in discourses on inclusion and exclusion. These discourses are mobilized by racialized, classed, sexualized, and gendered economies of representation that produce notions of who is allowed access to the identities of 'citizen' and 'national'. This conference will look to the ways that identities and bodies become sites of intense contestation both within these contemporary discursive formations and through the pathologizing of racial, sexual, classed, and gendered identities.

RSVP to Jen Kosakowski or V Riglick.