This course will focus on the impact of slow necropolitics on psychic and communal lives as well as possible forms and politics of resistance.  We will discuss some of the seminal texts on necropolitics and slow violence.  Their selection highlights different sites of violence such as colonialism and its transgenerational afterlife, forms of neocolonial violence, radioactive colonization in the nuclear borderlands, the gender of necropolitics, climate change, trans-species violence and species extinction, and, finally, chemical, radioactive and psychic toxicity and the queer politics of animacies.

Texts under consideration:

1. Achille Mbembe, “Necropolitics”
2. Rob Nixon, Slow Violence
3. Valerie Kuletz, The Tainted Desert
4. Robert Jay Lifton and Greg Mitchell, Hiroshima in America
5. Svetlana Alexievich, Voices of Chernobyl
6. Amitav Gosh, The Great Derangement 
7. Ursula Heise, Imagining Extinction
8. Nikolas Rose, The Politics of Life Itself
9. Mel Chen, Animacies