CANCELED - Guest Lecturer, Rebecca Comay of the University of Toronto

Department: Comparative Literature

Date and Time: February 22, 2018 | 12:00 PM-4:00 PM

Event Location: HG 1030 (Tentative)

Event Details

EVENT Canceled -- Will be rescheduled at a later date. Stay Tuned! --

"We regret to inform you that Rebecca Comay's upcoming talks this week have been canceled due to illness. We hope to reschedule soon.”

Guest Lecturer, Rebecca Comay of the University of Toronto

Thursday, February 22, HG 1010, 3pm
Sponsored by University and State,
a UCI Humanities Commobns reseach cluster 


BA, Philosophy and Ancient Languages, University of Toronto
MA, Egyptology and Assyriology, Yale University
PhD, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Rachel Comay is Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature and Director of the Program in Literary Studies. Her research interests include Hegel and 19th century German philosophy; Marx and Marxism; Benjamin and Adorno; political theology; psychoanalysis; contemporary French philosophy; trauma and memory; iconoclasm and destruction of art; contemporary art and art criticism; Proust.

For more information on current research (including links to documents), see Prof. Comay’s page.

Research Interests:
Aesthetics, Continental Philosophy


Mourning Sickness: Hegel and the French Revolution (Stanford 2011)
Lost in the Archives (editor) (2002)
Endings: Questions of Memory in Hegel and Heidegger (coeditor with John McCumber)  (1999)

Selected articles

“Hegel’s Last Words: Mourning and Melancholia at the end of the Phenomenology,” in J. Nichols and A. Swiffen, eds., The Ends of History ( 2012)
“Proust’s Remains,” in October 144 (2013)
“Transmission, Translation, Trauma,” in Idealistic Studies (2008)
“Impressions: Proust, Photography, Trauma,” in Discourse (2009)
“Adorno avec Sade,” in differences, special issue on critical theory and gender, ed Wendy Brown (2006)
“The sickness of tradition: Benjamin between melancholia and fetishism” in Walter Benjamin Studies: Benjamin’s Philosophy of History (2006)
“Materialist Mutations of the Bilderverbot,” in  Walter Benjamin Studies: Benjamin and Art  (2005)
“Dead Right: Hegel and the Terror,” in South Atlantic Quarterly (2004)
“Benjamin and the Ambiguities of Romanticism” in Cambridge Companion to Walter Benjamin, ed. David Ferris (2004)
“Memory Block: Rachel Whiteread’s Holocaust Memorial Project,” in S. Hornstein and F. Jacobowitz, Image and Remembrance: Questions about Representation and the Holocaust (2002)
“Adorno’s Siren Song,” in New German Critique (2001)
“Facies Hippocratica,” in Adriaan Peperzak, ed., Ethics as First Philosophy: The Thought of Emmanuel Levinas (1995)
“Gifts without Presents: Economies of ‘Experience’ in Bataille and Heidegger,” Yale French Studies 78 (1990)

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