WR 39A:

Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric

Writing 39A, Introduction to Writing and Rhetoric, is a placement-only course designed to give college writers the skills they need to succeed as academic writers. It is a portfolio-based course, building skills by taking new writers through the components of analytical thinking and writing, piece by piece.

Each 39A instructor chooses a central text or genre and designs a series of essays and supporting assignments in order to teach students to link their critical reading skills more closely to their writing. Students learn to break down the elements of good writing in the class texts, and then to imitate these elements in their own voice.

While each 39A class has a different set of readings and assignments, all 39A students will write a Final Essay that demonstrates what they have learned about persuasive writing. They will present that essay in the context of a larger portfolio of work, the culmination of their collected writings for the quarter, together with a Cover Letter that analyzes their own performance.

Writing 39A also fulfills the entry-level writing requirement. If you are required to take Academic English/ESL courses, you must complete those courses before enrolling in WR 39A. If you are not sure about your status, check with the Program in Academic English/ESL in HIB 201 (824-6781).

If you have questions about 39A, please contact the course director:

The assistant course director for 39A is:Additional information on required texts will be provided by your instructor. Please note the first day attendance rule.