Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities broadly conceived is an expansive term that includes the academic study of new media, the history of computing, and the use of digital tools in humanities research and scholarly communications. The DH Working Group explores formats for digital work that is responsive to local institutional culture, research strengths, regional opportunities, national trends, and resource realities. Addressing the digital culture of scholarly work with a sense of inventiveness, the DH Working Group aims to explore and evaluate new tools for collaboration, research and publication in the humanities. The group is designed to encourage experimentation with digital, social media and computing tools. The DH Working Group seeks to approach digital tools not as technocratic panaceas but as the means towards building depth, synergy, and visibility for UCI’s humanities research enterprises.

UC Irvine scholars have been pioneers in the use of computing in mapping, the creation of on-line databases, and the development of Informatics as a field. UC Irvine is also home to CalIT2 and the Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds. Humanities Commons formed the Digital Humanities Working Group to facilitate connections to other groups and scholars on campus and develop digital tools and formats for the Humanities.

Members of the DH Working Group have opportunities to attend off-site workshops, such as THAT Camps, practice skill-sharing, and set the agenda for training opportunities at UCI. No experience necessary; we seek late bloomers as well as early adopters, and ask only that you come prepared to teach, learn, test, and talk.

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