Grad Student Research Grant Guidelines

Grad Student Research Grants - next grant cycle Winter 2020

Grad Student Collaborative Conference - next grant cycle Fall 2019

Graduate Student Grants

As part of its mission to promote the development and  dissemination of scholarship, the Humanities Center awards grants to School of  Humanities faculty and graduate students to support research, conference  travel, publication subvention and conference planning.  Grants are  awarded twice a year in fall and spring quarters.  The Humanities Commons'  internal grant streams are funded through the Academic Senate (CORCL), the UCI  Office of Research, and the UC Humanities Network.

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Graduate Student Grants

1) Collaborative Conferences (CLOSED)   -    Deadline: N/A

The next Grad Student Collaborative Grant cycle will be in Fall 2019.

Collaborative Conference Grants (max award $2,000) may be used to support academic conferences, symposia or colloquia organized by graduate students.  Applications must demonstrate contribution to the field and an appropriate audience building plan.  Grant funds may be used for honoraria, travel and lodging for invited participants, as well as for catering and conference supplies.

The Humanities Commons will support departmental graduate student conferences if there is a demonstrated financial commitment from the department at the time of application.  We expect the department to contribute at least $500 for conferences with a budget over $2,000 or at least 25% for conferences with a budget under $2,000.

A collaborative project must have at least two (2) co-directors, both of whom should be SOH graduate students. Graduate students representing an SOH research cluster may apply, in which case 1 co-director may be a graduate student from another UCI School who is a member of the research cluster.

2) Individual Graduate Research (CLOSED)   -    Deadline: N/A

The next graduate student research grant cycle will be Winter 2020.

Graduate students in the UCI School of Humanities who have achieved candidacy are eligible to apply for Individual Research grants (max award $3,000) through the Humanities Commons.  Grant funds may be used for research travel, such as flights, ground transportation, and lodging; archival and copying fees; and other research expenses, such as translation or transcription.  Grant funds may not be used to pay for summer living expenses, language study, travel to a conference, food or per diem while traveling, or equipment.

Doctoral students in the UCI School of Humanities who have achieved candidacy. Graduate students may receive only ONE Individual Research during their graduate studies.