Research Clusters 2017-2018

Architecture & Urban Studies

Art | Landscape | Environment

Japan Studies

University & State

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Research Communities

Although academia often brings to mind ivory towers, silos, and depth without breadth, most of us actually flourish when we have a chance to exchange ideas. A research community takes shape when colleagues have a chance to gather in conversation-conducive, trust-affirming spaces over the course of several meetings. A research community allows ideas to float and reflections to resound, resulting in serious and sustained study and deliberation. The members of research communities experiment in co-creation, whether through collaborative writing, editorial projects, commentary on works-in-progress, shared mentoring of and engagement with graduate students, or co-hosting visitors and events.

The Humanities Commons facilitates research communities by providing funding and administrative support to faculty-initiated research clusters, as well as through grants to faculty and graduate students for collaborative conferences.

Research Clusters

Identifying subfields and research questions that do not belong to a particular department, Research Clusters encourage new groupings that may grow into longer-term partnerships or provide briefer bursts of inspiration and pollination.

Research Clusters allow several groups of faculty from multiple departments to define focused areas for sustained study and then apply for funding and administrative support. Bringing together UCI faculty and graduate students, Research Clusters aim to foster a range of new ideas throughout the School, wherever they might be taking shape. Funding through the Humanities Commons can be used to bring in a speaker, provide refreshments for a works-in-progress series, or planning a large project.

2017-2018 Research Clusters
  • Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Art | Landscape | Environment
  • Blackness and the Asian Century
  • Critical Historiography and Social Theoretical Inquiry
  • Japan Studies
  • Science, Technology and Race (STAR)
  • University and the State
Previous Research Clusters include:
  • Desert | Environment | Structure
  • Geographies of Conflict and Intervention: Feminist Approaches to Humanitarianism in Transnational Contexts
  • Late 19th c US History and Literature
  • Queer Media | Queer Approximations
  • Russia and Eurasian Studies
  • South Asia and the World: Global Histories, and Local Texts and the Transformative Logic of Capital