Date Time Program Title
10/24/1802:00 PMHumanities CommonsPanel: Communicating with the Public
10/25/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsOpen Access Publishing with Eileen Joy, Punctum Books
10/30/1805:30 PMHumanities CommonsUCI Center for Medical Humanities Launch
10/30/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsCourse Design for Summer Session
11/01/1812:30 PMHumanities CommonsDH Working Group: Text Analysis with Voyant
11/06/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsActive Learning for Writing
11/07/1802:00 PMHumanities CommonsWorkshop: Writing for the Public
11/20/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsActive Learning for Reading
12/04/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsUsing Assessments to Improve Teaching and Learning
12/11/1812:30 PMHumanities CommonsUsing Canvas
01/22/1904:00 PMHumanities CommonsPublic Speaking with Bri McWhorter
01/24/1906:00 PMHumanities CommonsSarah Stillman, staff writer for The New Yorker
01/25/1912:00 PMHumanities CommonsHow To Count Things: A DH Workshop
02/08/1905:00 PMHumanities CommonsFire and Ice: The Shifting Narrative of Climate Change
02/09/1908:00 AMHumanities CommonsFire and Ice: The Shifting Narrative of Climate Change
02/15/1912:00 PMHumanities CommonsDissertation to Book Workshop with Kate Marshall, UC Press
02/26/1905:00 PMHumanities CommonsPoet and essayist Kevin Young
02/28/1906:00 PMHumanities CommonsNatasha Trethewey, former U.S. Poet Laureate
05/08/1904:00 PMHumanities CommonsJennine Capo Crucet
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