Date Time Program Title
06/01/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsRichard Arum, "The Case for Evidence-Based Pedagogy: Policy and Classroom Perspectives"
05/31/1802:00 PMHumanities CommonsUnderstanding the U.S./North Korea Crisis: A Pop Up Panel featuring Barbara Demick of the LA Times
05/31/1804:00 PMHumanities CommonsProtest Cities of 1968
05/29/1811:00 AMHumanities CommonsUCI Medical Humanities, Art History and African American Studies Present: Body n Soul: Race, Identity and Healing in the work of Alison Saar
05/25/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsJaime Lalinde, "Violence and Diaspora: Bogotá in the 90s"
05/18/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsRebecca Sacks, "Every Second Is the Second Before It Happens: The West Bank"
05/18/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsPreparing for Success on the Academic Job Market
05/18/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsRebecca Sacks, "Every Second Is the Second Before It Happens"
05/16/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsExcel Spreadsheets for Humanists
05/14/1803:00 PMHumanities CommonsSound Design and Music for Games, from Retro to Recent
05/14/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsA New Model for OA: Radically Accessible and Transparent
05/11/1810:00 AMHumanities CommonsOlivia Humphrey, "Anxiety and the Unnamed: Problems of Documenting in the Far East after the Russo-Japanese War"
05/10/1802:00 PMHumanities CommonsWorking with Human Subjects in Your Research: A Special Presentation by the IRB (Institutional Review Board)
05/04/1803:00 PMHumanities CommonsElemental Media and Extractive Politics
04/17/1805:00 PMHumanities CommonsColson Whitehead, author of "The Underground Railroad"
04/13/1812:00 PMHumanities CommonsAn Introduction to Topic Modeling
04/12/1804:00 PMHumanities CommonsPublic Speaking with Bri McWhorter: The Conference Paper
04/06/1809:00 AMHumanities CommonsOpaque Media: A Workshop
04/04/1803:00 PMHumanities Commons"Taxation by Citation: Ferguson, Missouri, as a Laboratory of Virginia School Neoliberalism" Associate Professor Melinda Cooper The University of Sydney
03/13/1812:30 PMHumanities CommonsSusan Ferber, Oxford University Press
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