Graduate Student Advisory Committee

Laurie Dickmeyer

Julian Francolino
Visual Studies

James Funk

Ryan Gurney
Visual Studies

Wujun Ke
Comparative Literature

About Humanities Commons

UCI’s Humanities Commons explores the scope of human experience by supporting faculty and graduate student scholarship, engaging in collaborative projects, and providing opportunities for campus-public partnerships.


The Humanities Commons provides grants to School of Humanities faculty for research expenses, publication subvention, and conference travel.  School of Humanities graduate students can apply for funding to support expenses, including travel, related to dissertation research.  We work closely with faculty on research development and administer external faculty grants.


The Humanities Commons serves as a liaison and coordinator for cross-campus and multi-campus projects.  We provide project management for large faculty-led collaborative projects such as Medical Humanities, a UCI Interschool Initiative for Excellence.  School of Humanities faculty and graduate students can apply for grants to support collaborative research projects and for conferences and symposia.  The Humanities Commons provides co-sponsorship for events that are cross-campus or campus-public collaborations.

Public Engagement

The Humanities Commons builds partnerships that engage UCI faculty, undergraduate students and graduate students with community organizations and public institutions.  We believe that such collaborations enrich both our university and our community.  The Humanities Commons coordinates programs in collaboration with public libraries and K-12 schools, among others.