Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos
Ph.D. Brandeis University, Professor of Philosophy, UCSD
Interests: Ancient Philosophy and centers around ethics, Metaphysics, science, technology and human values
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Denise Demetriou
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, Associate Professor, UCSD, Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas Chair in Ancient Greek History (Ancient Greek social, cultural, and political history; Greco-Phoenician interactions; ancient Greek religion)
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Zina Giannopoulou
Ph.D. University of Illinois, Associate Professor of Classics and Graduate Advisor
Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy, esp. Plato, Greek Tragedy and Epic, Reception of Classical Antiquity in Modern and Contemporary Prose Literature
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Denver Graninger
Ph.D. Cornell University, Associate Professor of History, UCR (Greek and Roman History, Greek Epigraphy and Archaeology)
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Monte Johnson
Ph.D. University of Toronto, Associate Professor of Philosophy, UCSD (Classical
and Hellenistic philosophy, focuses on Aristotle and Democritus, and their
immense subsequent influence on philosophy and science)
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Dayna KalleresPh.D. Brown University, Associate Professor, UCSD
Interests: Late antiquity, religious studies, critical theories of religion
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Andromache Karanika
Ph.D. Princeton University, Associate Professor of Classics
Interests: Greek epic poetry, Greek Lyric, Folklore
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Marianne McDonald
Ph.D. University of California, Irvine, Professor of Theatre and Classics, UCSD (Greek and Roman theatre, ancient drama in modern plays, film, and opera; personal website)
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Margaret M. Miles
Ph.D. Princeton University, Professor Emerita of Art History and Classics
Interests: Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property
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Jozef Müller
Ph.D. Princeton University, Assistant Professor, UCR (Ancient Philosophy, especially Aristotle, Plato, and the Stoics).
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Sheldon Nodelman
Ph.D. Yale University, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, UCSD (classical art and architecture, Roman portraiture, critical theory)
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Maria Pantelia
Ph.D. Ohio State University, Professor of Classics, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Director (Greek epic, Hellenistic poetry, Digital Humanities)
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Lisa RaphalsPh.D. University of Chicago, Professor of Chinese and Comparative Ancient Civilizations, UCR (Comparative philosophy, religion, history of science, and gender)
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Michele Salzman
Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College, Professor of History, UCR (Ancient Greece & Rome; late antiquity; social and religious history)
Chair of the Joint Executive Committee of the Tri-Campus Program.
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Edward Watts
Ph.D. Yale University, Professor, Alkiviadis Vassiladis Endowed Chair in Byzantine History, UCSD (Intellectual and religious history of the early Byzantine Empire, Late Antiquity)
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Andrew Zissos
Ph.D. Princeton University, Associate Professor
Interests: Latin epic, Imperial Roman Culture, Classical Reception
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