'Approaching the Job Market' Workshop with Jessica Blum, Feb 19 @ 3PM

Department: Classics

Date and Time: February 26, 2016 | 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Event Location: KH 400D

Event Details

This workshop will seek to de-mystify the complicated and often intimidating process of applying for academic jobs in the field of Classics. We will focus on several important goals:

1. Look at the types of jobs out there!
o offer an overview of the different kinds of jobs
o how to reposition the application for various types of institution
2. Break down the application process into manageable steps.
o the different materials needed for applications, and what can be done in advance
o ways to put together a cohesive dossier
3. Review the job market timeline – what to expect when.
o how job advertisements, deadlines, and interviews work
4. The interview process, in-person and online.
5. The experience: stress, the Wiki, and how to handle the great unknown!

By looking at all these topics, the workshop will attempt to make the application process a bit easier, and perhaps a little less scary, by showing students how to prepare in advance and, more broadly, how the system works. We will address not only the application process itself, but also offer the opportunity to discuss the experience of applying, the ways that it fits into graduate student life, and the exciting (and nerve-wracking!) transition from student to professor.