1st Annual KTS Center Lecture: Miranda Fricker (CUNY)

Department: Center for Knowledge, Technology & Society

Date and Time: January 29, 2021 | 3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Event Location: Online

Event Details

Watch Prof. Fricker’s lecture HERE.

The first annual KTS Center Lecture will be held on Friday January 29th, 3-5pm (online). The lecturer will be Miranda Fricker (CUNY). 

TITLE: ”Forgive me!” Why You Can’t Always Get What You Deserve

ABSTRACT: There are many different kinds of reasons to forgive—that the wrongdoer has apologized, that not forgiving is destroying a valued friendship, that you don’t even want to be this angry person any more …-- and yet no matter how many such reasons may accumulate in a given case, and no matter how much the wrongdoer may deserve to be forgiven, still these reasons can never generate a rights-claim on their part that you forgive them. Why not? I compare the case of gratitude, and ultimately offer an explanation in terms of the pragmatic self-refutation involved in the very idea of being forgiven under requirement.