Quarterly Approved Courses

Course Instructor Title
Anthro 129 Kim, E. Transnational Korea - same as 64523 Intl St 179, Lec F
Anthro 163A Egan, J. Peoples of Pacific - same as 64430 Intl St 158B, Lec A
Art His 42C Staff Arts of Japan
Art His 150 Wue, R E. Asia Photography - same as 64530 Intl St 179, Lec K
Asian Am 151H Fujita-Rony, D. SE Asian Amer Exper
Chinese 100B Fuller, M Classical Chinese
E Asian 55 Hu, Y Uses of Tradition
East Asian 120 Bridges, W. Japan Sci Fi Global
East Asian 130 Choi, C. Soc & Cultre Korea
East Asian 150 Choi, C. Korea Women FIlm & Narr - same as 25395 Gen&Sex 189, Lec A
East Asian 190 Kim, K. Korea Uran/Rural
History 152 Chen Y. Pac Rim: China & Amer
History 171D Guo, Q. Chinese Hist to 1800
History 173G Fedman, D. The Two Koreas - same as 64522 Intl St 179, Lec E
History 184 Wasserstrom, J. Paris & Shanghai - same as 64527 Intl St 179, Lec J
History 190 Fedman, D. War & Memory E Asia
Intl St 142D Uriu, R. Intel Rel of E Asia - same as 67320 Pol Sci 142B, Lec A
Intl St 143A  O'Connell, C. Vietnam War - same as 69500 Sociol 170A, Lec A
Intl St 179 Bach, S. N. Korea Pol & Soc
Intl St. 158D Wang, F. China in Global Age
Japanse 100B Klein, S. Classical Japanese
Pol Sci 141C Uriu, R. Int Pol Econ: E Asia

Course Instructor Title
Art His 42B Wue, R. Arts of China
Art His 150 Wolfgram, J. Korean Art
Art His 198 Patel, A. S Asia Photography
Chinese 100C Fuller, M. Classical Chinese
Chinese 101C Petersen, Y. 4th Year Mandarin
E Asian 55 Choi, C. Gndr&Visuality Kor
E Asian 150 Bridges, W. Rise&Fall Mod Jpn
E Asian 155 Fujii, J. Humanimals Japan
E Asian 160 Scruggs, B. Sinocinemascope
E Asian 190 Bridges, W. Ethics & Jpn Anime
E Asian 220 Choi, C. Korean Wmn Narr
History 70A Guo, Q. China:Revltn &Refrm
History 152 Wu, J. Vietnam War- same as 21680 AsianAm 150, Lec A
History 172G Ragsdale, K. Mod Japan Thru Film
History 190 Guo, Q. Gndr&Famly In China
History 274C Guo, Q. China:Gndry&Family
Intl St 142G Uriu, R. U.S. For Polcy:Asia- same as 67280 Pol Sci 141E, Lec A
Intl St 176C Solinger, D. Intro Chinese Pol- same as 67380 Pol Sci 151B, Lec A
Japanse 101B Long, M. 4th Year Japanese
Pol Sci 141E Uriu, R. U.S. For Polcy:Asia- same as 64310 Intl St 142G, Lec A
Pol Sci 151B Solinger, D. Intro Chinese Pol- same as 64465 Intl St 176C, Lec A
Vis Std 295 Patel, A. S Asia Photography