Anthro 135HReligion in South Asia
Anthro 138PMusic of Asia
Anthro 163HState & Society in Contemporary China
Anthro 163K Korean Society and Culture

Art History

Art Hist 42 A,B,C History of Asian Art
Art Hist 150Studies in Asian Art
Art Hist 152Studies in Chinese Art and Religion
Art Hist 153Studies in Early Chinese Paintings
Art Hist 154Studies in Later Chinese Paintings
Art Hist 162 A,B,C Studies in Later Japanese Painting


Chinese 100 A,B,C Classical Chinese
Chinese 115 Chinese Literature: Advanced Texts
Chinese 180 Topics in Chinese Literature

East Asian

East Asian 55 Intro to East Asian Cultures
East Asian 110 Topics in Chinese Literature and Society
East Asian 113 Linguistics Structure of Japanese
East Asian 117 Topics in Asian Philosophy
East Asian 120 Topics in Japanese Literature and Society
East Asian 123 Linguistic Structure of Japanese
East Asian 130 Korean Society and Culture
East Asian 133 Linguistic Structure of Korean
East Asian 150 Topics in East Asian Literature in Translation
East Asian 160 East Asian Cinema


History 171 D,E,F,G Chinese History
History 172 D,E,F,G Japanese History
History 173 D,E,F,G Korean History


Japanese 100 A,B,C Classical Japanese
Japanese 115 Japanese Literature: Advanced Texts
Japanese 180 Topics in Japanese Literature


Korean 115 Korean Literature: Advanced Texts
Korean 180 Topics in Korean Literature


Linguistics 165A Linguistic Structure of Chinese
Linguistics 165B Linguistic Structure of Japanese
Linguistics 165C Linguistic Structure of Korean

Political Science

Pol Sci 141C International Political Economy of East Asia
Pol Sci 151A East Asian Politics
Pol Sci 151B Introduction to Chinese Politics
Pol Sci 151C Chinese Politics: Policy, Leadership, and Change
Pol Sci 151D Japanese Politics, State, and Economy in Modern Japan
Pol Sci 151F Korean Politics and Society

Psychology & Soc. Behavior

P 124D Human Development in Cross Cultural Perspectives


Sociol 77 Social Change in East Asian
Sociol 175A Korean Society and Culture
Sociol 175B Comparative Societies: China
Sociol 175C Japanese Society

With the approval of the Asian Studies faculty, other topical courses - including graduate courses - may be substituted when they cover Asia for much of the course.

Students whose programs are unusual in some way and do not fit this listing should contact Professor Solinger ( in Social Sciences or Professor Quo ( in Humanities. Or, if they are familiar with another faculty member whose name is on the list of the Advisory Council, they should contact that person.