Art History Undergraduate Association

Have fun, be creative, make friends, laugh, expand your horizons, create life-long connections with fellow students, faculty, alums and community and take advantage of the opportunities provided to aid you in post-graduate career planning and success.
See these short videos on the AHUA art exhibit and reception and join AHUA to help produce next year's art exhibit and reception.

We invite all UCI students, irrespective of major, to join us for as much or as little engagement as your interest and schedules allow! Join us for off-campus excursions to museums, galleries, and art walks. Attend social events at members’ homes and local eateries. Develop skills including teamwork, leadership, collaboration, communications, creative and analytical thinking, planning, curating and producing art exhibitions, event planning and execution, fundraising, problem-solving, negotiating, persuading and more. Join AHUA on Facebook.

The 2018-19 AHUA Board:
Presidents: Dominique Rama and Brooke Denny
Historian:Kate Clark
Treasurer: Camilo Garcia
Club Photographer: Audrey Hernandez Peterson

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For the latest information on upcoming events and meetings, check out our website:

Department of Art History Staff Advisor: Cecilia Flanagan