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Armenian language classes this Fall (2021) at UCI


Interested in learning how to read, write, and speak Armenian in a fun, culturally stimulating, interactive environment? Interested in brushing up your literacy and conversation skills through an exploration of Armenian literature, music, and popular culture? Consider joining one of our Armenian language classes this fall at UCI:

Armenian 1A (Elementary Armenian Language; Instructor: Dr. Talar Chahinian): Written and conversational Armenian for students with no knowledge of the language. Students learn the Armenian alphabet, read and comprehend simple texts, and carry basic conversation. Emphasis on reading and comprehension, grammar rules, and basic composition.

M W 11:00AM-12:50PM (HH105), F (Online)
Course Code: 21490 / 5 Units

Armenian 2A (Intermediate Armenian Language; Instructor: Dr. Talar Chahinian): Designed to develop students’ ability to communicate further orally and in writing in Armenian (Western or Eastern) by consolidating knowledge of grammar, increasing vocabulary, and developing reading, comprehension, and writing.

M W 2:00-3:50PM (HH105)
Course Code: 21495 / 4 Units

*For questions on how to test into the 2 series, please contact Dr. Talar Chahinian at (