Congratulations to the winners of the Armenian Studies Prize in Honor of Sylvie Tertzakian: Oshin Khachikian and Arnold Alahverdian

Department: Armenian Studies

Post Date: April 22, 2019

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We are pleased to announce the first recipients of the newly created Armenian Studies Prize in Honor of Sylvie Tertzakian.

First prize goes to Oshin Khachikian (Sociology) who submitted a published article about the availability of cultural capital across class lines in immigrant communities and how this availability guides second-generation social mobility through "protective ethnicity." Oshin's article is theoretically and methodologically sound, original, and well-grounded in ethnographic research. Moreover, it uses the case study of the Armenian immigrant experience to comment on class mobility in the greater US. Oshin will be presenting his work in the Fall as part of the condition of the Prize.

The runner-up is Arnold Alahverdian (History) whose paper focused primarily on making connections between masculine prowess and militancy, on the one hand, and virtue and pity, on the other, in Armenian hagiographies as in their Syriac and Georgian precedents.