Nareg Sookazian receives inaugural OC Trex Armenian Studies Scholarship

Department: Armenian Studies

Post Date: September 12, 2017

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Nareg Sookazian, a UCI senior majoring in political science and international studies, is the recipient of the OC Trex Armenian Studies Scholarship. Created by the Orange County Triple X Fraternity for students enrolled in Armenian Studies courses, this is the inaugural year the scholarship is being offered at UCI. As a student of political and international studies, Sookazian believes Armenian studies courses at UCI provide a lens from which to view the world at large.

"Armenian Studies is a field that should not just be important to Armenians.
Armenian Studies stretches a great length through human civilization, thus providing a comprehensive view into one of the oldest people in the world," said Sookazian. "There are many lessons that can be learned from thousands of years of interaction of the Armenian people with different societies, their environment, and each other. Moreover, Armenian Studies sheds light on the collective attitudes and views of the contemporary Armenian nation."

Sookazian adds, "The OC Trex Armenian Studies Scholarship will allow me to continue my progress towards an International Studies degree, while focusing on Armenian Studies topics that are interesting and dear to my heart."