Lower-Division Students

The Program in Academic English offers a number of courses and services to lower-division students. We offer writing courses (Academic English 20A-C), a course in reading and vocabulary development (Academic English 22A), and a course specifically designed to build students’ knowledge of the grammar of academic English (Academic English 28). We also provide students with assessments, guidance, and web-based resources. Lower-division students frequently comment that the reading and writing demands of UCI courses are more challenging than their high school courses. Our Program offers English language services and resources that are designed to help them develop the academic English they require to succeed at UCI.

Academic English 20A-B-C and 22A courses are for students who have been admitted to UCI and whose scores on the Academic English Placement Test indicate the need for additional work in English as a Second Language.

Lower-Division Writing Requirement

Academic English students must complete the lower-division writing requirement before the beginning of the seventh quarter following the completion of their AE courses or they will be subject to probation.

AERC Workshops - Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the lab I'm signed up for and does it meet weekly?

The AERC Workshops are considered your lab for Academic English 20 courses, although you are not required to attend every week.  AERC offers two types of workshops: Grammar and Specialized Writing. You are only required to attend a Grammar Workshop if you do not pass the corresponding quiz in class. If you do not attempt to make up the quiz, you will receive a zero for that quiz.

The Specialized Writing Workshops cover various writing-related topics and you can choose which ones you would like to attend. Your instructor may recommend one to you. You earn credit for attending the Specialized WritingWorkshops, but not the Grammar ones.

• Are there special AERC workshops just for my level (for instance,Academic English 20A)?

Mostly no. Most Academic English 20 students will attend the same workshops. On occasion, AERC will offer special workshops designed for students in specific Academic English 20 course. These are announced in advance.

• How do I sign up for a workshop?

You must sign up to reserve a seat each week.  AERC uses the signupgenius.com website for this purpose. You will need to set up a free account to use the site.  Here are the links:

AERC Grammar Workshop link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0a4da8a62caa8-aerc

AERC Specialized Writing Workshop link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0a4da8a62caa8-aerc3

• Do the sign up links for the workshops change every week?

No. The links remain the same all quarter and all year.

• When is the best time to sign up for the workshop if I want to make sure I get a seat?

Every Friday afternoon around 5 pm the sign up for the following week becomes available.  The earlier you sign up, the better your chances are of reserving a seat.

• What time should I arrive? What happens if I am late?

You should plan to arrive a few minutes early to ensure that you find the correct room and get your seat on time. If the workshop is full and you arrive late, your seat may have been given away.  Whether it is full or not, no students will be able to join the workshop if they are late by 10 minutes or more.

• What do I need to bring to AERC?

Be sure to bring paper and a pen or pencil.  A dark pencil is easiest for taking grammar quizzes.  For the Specialized Writing Workshops, we often have special requests for what to bring (like your book, the essay prompt, etc.), so please pay attention to the directions on the website when you sign up.

• How will my professor know that I attended?

You will sign an attendance sheet in both Grammar and Specialized Writing Workshops.
In the Grammar Workshops, you will take a make-up quiz that will be returned to your instructor within a few days.  Your instructor will then show you your quiz results in class soon after.
You will receive an attendance slip for Specialized Writing Workshops. You should keep all attendance slips and follow your instructor's directions on whether to put them in your portfolio or how to turn them in.

• What if the score I get on the AERC grammar quiz is lower than my quiz score in class?

Your instructor will give you the higher score.

• Is there a quiz in a Specialized Writing Workshop?

No. You will be expected to actively participate in various activities, but there will not be a quiz.

• Can I attend AERC even if my professor did not send me? For example, if I received a score of 85% but I would like to improve my score and get a 100%, can I go to AERC and retake the quiz?

If your instructor recommends that you attend a Grammar Workshop even if you passed the in-class quiz (for example "AERC Recommended" is circled on your quiz), then you are encouraged to attend.  Otherwise, the workshops are primarily reserved for students who did not pass the in-class quizzes.

• Does it matter if I was sent to a Grammar Workshop but attended a Specialized Writing workshop instead?

Yes. The two types of workshops are completely different and satisfy different course requirements. You must attend a Grammar Workshop if you do not pass a grammar quiz in class or else your quiz grade will remain a zero.  Pay close attention to the workshop schedule to be sure you attend during the correct week.