Student Resources for Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, Listening and Speaking

Grammar and Writing Activities

Pronunciation and Speaking

Listening Comprehension

  • Listening Quizzes - Listening quizzes from easy to difficult; recordings are performed, not authentic speech; Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
  • National Public Radio - Archives of radio programs to listen to for comprehension and vocabulary development
  • Science Today - Audio files of short Science Today news briefs with transcripts (check topics each month); listen and record a summary for practice
  • The Loh Down on Science - Sandra Tsing Loh's 2-minute "musings on science and technology" from California Institute of Technology Tech and KPCC -  a good program for popular science issues and strong intonation styles
  • UC Multimedia Links - A long list of links to audio and video clips from all of the UC campus resources