About Academic English

The Program in Academic English at UC Irvine is guided by an overarching philosophy that views English and “academic English” in a horizontal and non-hierarchical, as opposed to vertically stratified, relationship with other languages and registers. Our Program’s instructional staff includes teacher-scholars with doctoral degrees from top universities across the US and around the world. Our instructors frequently present their scholarship at selective national and international conferences and have published such scholarship in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Our courses for graduate students include introduction to graduate writing, thesis/dissertation writing, writing for scholarly publication, along with courses in speaking/listening. We also offer a range of undergraduate courses in academic writing and reading/vocabulary. The Program also provides international graduate students who plan to become teaching assistants with an assessment program and support tutorials. Finally, we collaborate with various units across campus in order to positively shape the campus climate around multilingualism and multilingual students. Our main program office is located in the Humanities Instructional Building (HIB), room 335.

For more information, please contact AcademicEnglish@uci.edu.