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Department: Asian American Studies

Post Date: November 22, 2016

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Dear Allies and Advocates, 

It has been a very challenging week for undocumented students on campus and their families. There is a lot of fear, sadness, and confusion. We have received a lot of questions regarding the future of DACA, different forms of immigration relief, and about financial aid.

I am sending you this email to update you on the current conversations we are having with immigration attorneys. We are working with the UCI School of Law to make sure undocumented students studying abroad will return home safely. We are also doing our best to keep in mind students who are currently working on campus via DACA and graduate students who have TAships. Our legal team from the UC Undocumented Student Legal Services Center has done an amazing job at putting together legal resource for students. I have attached a presentation on 'Know Your Rights,' forms of immigration relief, and the future of DACA.

Our Counseling Center has also done an amazing job at ensuring students have access to psychologists. I encourage you to influence students to seek counseling services on or off campus.

Current Counseling Services:
We will have a psychologist who is formally undocumented work from the office (CCC 112) on Friday, Nov 18: from 1-1:45pm and from 3:15pm-5pm.

Legal Updates:
1. Donald Trump will not take office until January 20, 2017.
2. The likelihood is that DACA will be discontinued (Part of Trump's campaign promises).
3. Massive deportations is unlikely due to Due Process and 14th Amendment.
4. There is priority list for deportations; 1) terrorists, 2) criminals, DACAstudents would be at the bottom of such a list.

Legal Services:
If any student needs to speak to an immigration attorney about your situation that might require legal aid, please email the Dreamers Coordinator Ana Miriam Barragan at

Financial Aid Updates:
1. AB 540 status is authorized in state law, so it is not directly affected by the outcome of the recent election.  Support for the AB 540 law remains strong at the University of California and among California policy makers.
2. The financial aid available to undocumented AB 540 students comes from state and UC sources. Therefore, the outcome of the federal election has no effect on the availability of your financial aid.
3. Employment, however, could be more directly affected by federal actions.  Employment by undocumented AB 540 students – through a state work-study program or not -- is dependent on having Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status with the federal government.  To the extent that DACA is changed, your eligibility to work could be impacted.  If DACA is revised, the University is committed to exploring how to mitigate the impacts on UC students.
4. The University of California remains committed to promoting the success of undocumented AB 540 students through its financial aid program and other support services.

Web Announcements:
E4FC on Post-Election Advice for undocumented individuals
My (Un)documented life Recommendations for School Administrators, Educators, Counselors, and Students
Concrete Suggestions for Changes in Preparation for 2017

There are multiple departments and individuals I did not mention in this email, but I can assure you people across campus are working really hard to continue supporting undocumented students and fostering a safe space for them. Thank you for your commitment and all your support.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.
In solidarity,

Ana Miriam Barragan
Dreamers Coordinator
112 Cross-Cultural Center
Office: (949) 824-6390
SOAR Center: (949) 824-5762
Mobile: (707) 621-2125
Fax: (949)824-8219
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