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Find your place at the UCI School of Humanities

A humanities education enables us to have a fuller and more complex understanding of the world around us; it gives us the skills to read and interpret our environment, while also providing the creativity to imagine a new world—a world that welcomes passion, difference and the preservation of our most valuable resources.

With humanities at our core, it’s impossible not to see the broader and more complex picture of where we fit into the greater ecosystem. I hope you’ve seen in this magazine how UCI Humanities scholarship is shaping our understanding of the environment—our history and present—and paving the way to envisioning and enacting a brighter, more sustainable future.

As conventional streams of federal and state funding face an uncertain future, we must continue to cherish the work of our humanities scholars while finding creative ways to support them. Philanthropy can help.

Two decades ago, under the leadership of community member Gloria Schick Gellman, a group of advocates came together, nearly 100 strong, and found a place in supporting the Humanities in an unprecedented way. The group, known as Humanities Associates, raised funds to reward and retain the school’s brightest faculty and students, and to bring timely and meaningful programs to the university and public.

Today, we are building on this foundation to further elevate the school’s sustainable commitments, but we need your help.

Our goal is to have 100 members of Humanities Associates contributing $1,000 per year to enhance the Dean’s Excellence Fund, which supports the School’s most pressing needs.

Unrestricted funds of this kind can be the most difficult to raise, but they are critical to maintaining our position as a preeminent space for humanities education and scholarship.

Join Humanities Associates today by pledging to give only $83/month or $1,000/year. Your gift will help ensure the humanities continue to thrive at UCI.

To learn more about Humanities Associates and to join, please visit our website here, or contact Sean Fischer, associate director of development, at or 949.824.0438.

If you’d like to learn about other ways to support the School of Humanities, please feel free to contact me.

Linda Haghi
Executive Director of Advancement