Mindfulness Meditation for Teachers

 Humanities Center     May 5 2021 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Zoom

The profound responsibilities and stresses of being a pedagogue uniquely position teachers to benefit from the secular practice of mindfulness meditation and to actuate those benefits in service to their students’ learning and well-being.

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"Mindfulness Meditation for Teachers"

In this program, participants will practice traditional shamatha or “peaceful abiding” mindfulness meditation, which has been empirically proven to reduce stress and facilitate well-being. That said, the principal aim of shamatha meditation is not to decrease anxiety, depression, emotional reactivity, job burnout, cognitive decline, cell aging, psychological pain, or addiction—though these are some of its empirically demonstrated outcomes. Nor is its principal aim to improve mood, empathic response, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and focus, or to increase positive emotions, heart health, immune response, and relationship satisfaction—though these, too, are some of its empirically demonstrated outcomes. The deeper point is that meditation helps our inherent human dignity and compassion to shine through, thereby enabling us to more positively impact our colleagues, students, and communities.

Dr. Larisa Castillo, Faculty Director of Pedagogical Development, will lead a guided practice.

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