The Fifth Annual Undergraduate History Conference

 History     May 16 2019 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM HG 1030

The Fifth Annual Undergraduate History Conference
Thursday, May 16th
HG 1030


Visual Displays (Exhibited All Day)

The Vietnam War: Prostitution and The Conventional Masculine Superiority”, Khang Do
The G.I. Bill: Broken Promises and the Populating of Suburban America”, Mitchell Taylor
17 October 1961: A Case Study in the Politics of Modern French Policing and Protest”, Cheyenne Read
The Disavowal of Black Motherhood and its Complexes: Thomas Satterwhite Noble's 'Margaret Garner”, Delia Elizabeth Cruz Kelly
"Japan-Bangladesh Relations Through the Lens of Pan-Asianism”, Auboni Hossain

Session #1 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
The Relationship Between Prostitute Saints and Desert Asceticism in the Roman  Misogynistic Society”, Alexandra Singca

Reforging Empire: Jamaica and Capitalism in Past and Present”, Brad Seward

The Queen's Father: The Effects of King George VI and the Media on the Popularity of the British Monarchy”, Nicole Souders

Colonial Relationships: The Role of Slavery in Indigenous and Black Relationships in Colonial Mexico”, Berenice Tepozano

Making ‘Leftover Women’ and ‘Guanggun’: Media Portrayals of Singlehood in China  (2007-2017)”, Jake Li

Gay Militants Confronting Confinement: History of the Gay Liberation Movement's Struggle Against the Prison State”, Kacey Nguyen

Ming Chinese Soldiers in the Japanese Invasions of Korea”, Phil Chiang

Our Fair Ladies: Representations of Filipina Women at the 1904 World's Fair”, Coryn Hardison

Session #2 - 2:00pm - 3:45pm

You Sweep Me Off My Feet: Visual Victimization of Conquered Bodies in Art”, Lila  Orshefsky

Engineering Marxism: Science Fiction in Dialogue with Bolshevik Theory”, Andrew  Perkins

Housing and Health Disparities: A Case Study of Los Angeles”, Jeanine Erikat

The Racial Component of Chinese Fascism During Nanking Decade”, Ye Lin

Vartanian Saints Through the Centuries”, Andrew Ortiz

Masks of Sri Lanka: The face to face communication”, Vijani De Silva

Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair: Reactions to 19th Century Prostitution on San Francisco's  Morton Street”, Sara Lathrop