COVID-19: The Humanities Respond

Bringing humanistic perspectives to conversations about the pandemic, the UCI School of Humanities has launched a new series: COVID-19: The Humanities Respond.

Tyrus Miller, dean of the school, and a UCI Humanities scholar, discuss the cultural, creative, and philosophical impact of COVID-19.

Speaker Conversation
Streaming Community: How #QuarantineLife is Connecting us through our Watch List
with Victoria E. Johnson, Department of Film and Media Studies

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AIDS, COVID-19 and Art: Reflections on Pandemics
with Jonathan Alexander, Department of English

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Apocalypse and Pandemic Literature, TV & Film in the Era of COVID-19
with Chris Fan, Department of English

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Read Chris Fan's "COVID-19 era read & watch list" here
Busting Myths and Misinformation during a Pandemic
with Annalisa Coliva and Duncan Pritchard, Department of Philosophy

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Read "5 tips for busting myths and misinformation"
Virtual Reporting: Telling the Stories that Matter on the Front Lines of COVID-19
with Erika Hayasaki, Literary Journalism Program

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Simulating a Pandemic: Technology’s Promise & Failure
with Peter Krapp, Department of Film and Media Studies

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Race & Inequality during COVID-19
with Frank B. Wilderson III and Andrew Highsmith, Departments of African American Studies and History

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Plagues of the Past, Lessons for the Present
with Zina Giannopoulou and Deanna Shemek, Departments of Classics and European Languages & Studies

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Race and Medicine: Life Beyond a Cure
with James Kyung-Jin Lee, Department of Asian American Studies & Center for Medical Humanities

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The Danger is the System: Animal Agriculture's Role in Pandemics
with Brianne Donaldson, Program in Religious Studies and Department of Philosophy

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Read "If Killing Animals Is Traumatic for U.S. Farmers, Why Have Slaughterhouse Workers Do It?"
Essential: How the Latinx Community Copes and Endures in a Pandemic
with Héctor Tobar, Literary Journalism Program

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