Date Time Program Title
11/15/1706:00 PMShakespeare CenterRoom for Dessert: Shakespeare and the Invention of Dinner's Final Act
11/11/1707:00 PMShakespeare CenterAn Iliad
11/09/1703:00 PMShakespeare CenterJane Hwang Degenhardt, "Shakespeare's Making of the World: Distance, Horizon, Possibility"
08/25/1712:00 PMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday: With Andrea Mays
08/13/1702:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: Taming of the Shrew
08/12/1702:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Weekend: The Tempest
08/11/1712:00 PMShakespeare CenterFirst Folio Friday
08/10/1702:00 PMShakespeare CenterEducators Day at New Swan: The Tempest
05/04/1705:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Shorts
04/28/1709:30 AMShakespeare CenterFirst Philosophy, Last Judgments: The Lear Real
04/27/1706:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare and the Visual Arts
04/26/1708:00 PMShakespeare CenterCappella Artemisia: The Music of 17th Century Nuns
04/24/1712:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Day
04/12/1706:00 PMShakespeare CenterThe Legacy of Orson Welles' Voodoo Macbeth
03/02/1703:00 PMShakespeare CenterFace to Face in Shakespearean Drama
02/23/1706:00 PMShakespeare CenterShakespeare Goes to the Opera
02/21/1711:00 AMShakespeare CenterPlay the Knave! Interactive Motion Capture Shakespeare Experience
01/20/1709:00 AMShakespeare CenterCut Him Out in Little Stars: Romeo and Juliet in Diaspora
01/18/1705:00 PMShakespeare CenterTable Reading, "The Whiskey Rebellion"
09/25/1611:30 AMShakespeare CenterMacbeth: Shakespeare / Verdi at LA Opera
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