KianSoheila KianLecturer of Persian

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Ph.D, University of California, Los Angeles

Soheila Kian teaches Persian and French languages and cultures: Acquiring and learning a foreign language offers students a “greater awareness of self ” and is the mediator between the native language and culture and the one students are acquiring, and this will provide a greater insight and perception of both cultures.

She has also taught at UCLA, California State University, Long Beach, Chapman University, and other colleges.

Her fields of study are French and Francophone Literature, Post-Colonial and Women Studies. Her research focuses on the issues of immigration, multiculturalism, and identity crises. She has presented and published many papers in these fields:

Author of : Ecritures et Transgressions d’Assia Djebar et de

Leϊla Sebbar : Les traversées des frontières
, L’Harmattan editions, Paris. Fall 2009.

2007 “Lolita provokes Iranians”, in Irandokht electronic Journal

2005 “La politique des ères : Enchantement et désillusion dans les romans de Leïla Sebbar. ” Le Maghreb Littéraire. Volume IX, Numéro 17. 37-54.

2004 “Une entrevue avec Leïla Sebbar : L’écriture et l’altérité”. The French Review. Volume 78, N.1 p.128-135.

2004 Book Review: La baie aux jeunes filles de Fatiha Nesrine. Le Maghreb Littéraire. Volume VIII, Numéro 15. 169-174.

2000 “La violence de l’écriture dans le quatuor algérien d’Assia Djebar”.
Paroles Gelées, Special Issue vol. 18.2 (2000) 99-106, the journal of the
French Graduate Students’ Association at UCLA.

2000 “Approaching the Stereotypes: Mehdi Charef’s Feature Film,
“ ‘Le Thé au harem d’Archimède’ ”. Simorgh, 89 (December): 86-87.
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UCLA, Arabic Language and Literature
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TranTri C. TranLecturer of Vietnamese

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- Ph.D., Romance Linguistics & Literatures, University of California, Los
Angeles, 1999.
- M.A., Romance Linguistics & Literatures , University of California, Los
Angeles, 1996.
- B.A., Spanish Linguistics, University of California, Irvine, 1993.
- A.A., Liberal Arts, Orange Coast College, 1990.
- College Diploma., English, Teachers’ Training College, Nha Trang,

Courses Taught

- Vietnamese language, literature & linguistics.
- Spanish language; Spanish linguistics.
- French language; French linguistics.
- Romance linguistics.
- English as a Second Language; English Academic Writing.


- Hành trang ngôn ngữ - Language Luggage for Vietnam – A First-Year Language Course, with MinhTam Tran – University Press of America, Lanham, 2013.

- Hành trình văn hoá – Journey through Vietnamese Culture – A Second-Year Language Course, with MinhTam Tran - University Press of America, Lanham, 2013.

- El español conversacional para vietnamitas – Tiếng Tây-ban-nha đàm thoại cho người Việt – LangArts Publishing, 2010.

- Gapping in Spanish – A Minimalist Account – Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2009.

- Ngôn ngữ và văn hoá (Language and Culture) – A Course in Intermediate Vietnamese, with MinhTam Tran, Center for Language Minority and Education Research, California State University, Long Beach, 2008.

- Chào bạn! (Hello, Friends!) – An Introduction to Vietnamese, with
MinhTam Tran, University Press of America, Lanham, 2007.

- Bilingual Dictionary for Students of Linguistics – Diccionario bilingüe
para estudiantes de lingüística
, University Press of America, Lanham, 2006.