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Upcoming Events

March 16 - Scientific Revolution in the Atlantic World (7th grade)
March 30 - Media and Culture in the 1980s (11th grade)
April 20 - Ancient Persia and Greece (6th grade)

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Food in World History Institute

The UCI History Project is presenting a five-session series about the history of food.  The sessions will include: content presentations by history faculty, model lessons, free parking, and refreshments. Come to one session or come to all! To register, please contact UCI History Project's World History Program Coordinator, Sara Jordan at sarajordan25@yahoo.com, and let her know what dates you would like to attend.  

All scholar evenings are at UCI from 4:00-6:30

November 2-The Importance of Food in History

December 7-Food and Drink in the Ancient World

January 25- Food in Colonial Latin America

February 15- Sugar in World History 

March 1- Coffee in the Modern World


Lessons and Strategies: