Graduate Student Profiles

UC Irvine Humanities Hall

Juan Rubio

Cohort Year: 2016
B.S., Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, 2011, Political Science
M.A., Georgetown University, 2015, Latin American Studies

Advisor: Dr. Heidi Tinsman
First Field: Latin American History
Second Field: World History
Thematic Emphasis: History of Capitalism, Mining, Environmental History, Labor Movements, Science

Dissertation Topic: The Rise of Copper Mining in Peru: Environmental Transformations, Violence, and Labor Struggles (1902 – 1950)

Research Abstract:
In 1902, the Peruvian Central Highlands began a process of rapid transformation. The Cerro de Pasco Company, a multinational corporation with headquarters in New York, brought capital, technology, and immigrants from North America to these distant lands.  As the extraction of mineral resources accelerated and Peru entered the world stage of copper production, the Andean landscape changed abruptly. Newly built railroads enabled more extensive farming and the growth of mining towns; smelter pollution and mine waste burnt plants, killed animals, and poisoned humans. Laborers struggled to navigate these environmental transformations while simultaneously negotiating their insertion into a capitalist economy. In addition, advance technology brought danger and new ways to die. Mining accidents occurred on a regular basis during this period, affecting labor relations with the company and the perception of what mining meant for workers, mining towns, and the nation. The slow violence of pollution and environmental hazards also played a role in these transformations. Toxic work environments, water pollution, and mine fires alike, altered the political ecology of the Peruvian highlands and its relationship to Lima and the Pacific world.

Academic Experience
Instructor (Docente), Universidad Católica de Córdoba

Seminar: “Indios, Campesinos y Trabajadores en la Construcción del Estado Latinoamericano,” April 2016
Research Coordinator, Center for Latin American Studies, Georgetown University, 2013 – 2015

Research Assistant, The World Bank Institute, The World Bank

Research Project: “Human Development of Indigenous Peoples in Bolivia,” PI: Dr, Bjorn Soren Gigler, May 2014 – September 2014
Affiliate Researcher, Georgetown University, 2011 – 2013

Research project: “Political and Fiscal Decentralization in the Americas”
Research Assistant, Universidad Católica de Córdoba

Research Project: “The Transformation of Provincial Bureaucracies in Argentina,” PI: Dr, Martin Lardone, 2009 – 2010