Date Time Program Title
12/01/1712:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesTraveling Hip-Hop and Culture Collide | Featuring Musician and Poet Shirlette Ammons
11/30/1702:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesTraveling Hip-Hop and Culture Collide | Featuring Professor Priscilla Layne
11/28/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesRemnants of American Justice: Okinawa's Transpacific Critique and the Post-1990s Redress Culture Lisa Yoneyama University of Toronto
10/25/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesPedagogies, Methodologies, and Practices of Feminist Humor: An Evening of Performance and Discussion with Ali Liebegott, Bridget McManus, and Jibz Cameron
05/17/1704:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesScreening of Prison in Twelve Landscapes & Discussion with Director, Brett Story
05/10/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesCritical Cartography and Urban Spatial Ethnography: re-narrating and visualizing Im(migrants) and the 21st Century City
05/01/17TBAGender and Sexuality StudiesAshley Glassburn Falzetti: Ethics and Activism in the Archives
04/26/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesDr. Emily Hue, Re-routing Humanitarianism in the 21st Century: "100% Human Hair" in Trade, Art, and Ecological Sustainability
04/26/1712:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesCarrie Reiling, PhD Candidate, Political Science GFE BROWN BAG TALK
04/12/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesSarah Haley: No Mercy Here: gender, punishment, and the making of Jim Crow Modernity
03/02/17TBAGender and Sexuality Studies(E)racing Theory, (En)gendering Praxis Graduate Student Conference Department of Comparative Literature UC Irvine
03/01/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesUG Film Night: Southwest of Salem
02/24/1711:00 AMGender and Sexuality StudiesJanet Jakobsen: Lush Lives in Hard Times
02/23/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesChristina Crosby: A Body, Undone
02/09/1707:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesMOVING PERFORMANCES Book Talk with Jeanne Scheper
02/07/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesAngela Willey: Undoing Monogamy: The Politics of Science and the Possibilities of Biology
02/01/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesMichele Goodwin: Policing the Womb
01/25/1712:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesGFE Brown Bag Talk: Contesting Failure: Self-Possession and the radical leap in Revolutionary Grenada
01/17/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesRenee Cramer: Pregnant with the Stars
12/06/1606:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesBook Talk: Moving Performances, Prof. Jeanne Scheper
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