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Archive: Spring 2009

X UCI Latin American
Film Festival

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the UCI Latin American Film Festival (LAFF). We will be presenting six films that represent the recent trends in Latin American cinematic expression and are among the very best in international cinema. In addition to showing the films, one of the most important aspects of the festival has always been the opportunity to conduct round table discussions with the participation of film directors, professors and film critics. This has been extremely successful as a forum for community outreach and participation. We believe this year’s format and focus will continue UCI’s Film Festival legacy as an excellent contribution to lively academic discussion to the campus and our community.

All LAFF screenings are $2, except for the first screening, Proibido Proibir, which is free admission.

Proibido Proibir
(Forbidden to Forbid)
Thursday, April 16 • 7pm Proibido Proibir (Forbidden to Forbid)

Leon thought he had everything that will make happy a university student: an attractive girlfriend and a promising future. His balanced and rosy life is short lived, until his best friend falls in love with his girlfriend. Also, the social injustices of their society will collide with this triangle of love, making them doubt even their very capacity to survive.

Directed by Jorge Duran • 2006, Brazil • 103 minutes • DVD
In Portuguese with English subtitles

El Violín (The Violin)
Friday, April 17 • 7pm El Violín (The Violin)

“The music is over” is the phrase that signals the becoming of an unsung hero, Don Plutarco. This black and white film is one of epic proportions and though it takes place in rural Mexico, its themes are universal and timeless. Through the chiaroscuro images of the film, the spectator observes in awe the dignity and stoicism of the oppressed when facing total adversity and loss.

Directed by Francisco Vargas • 2005, Mexico
98 minutes • DVD
In Spanish with English subtitles

Saturday, April 18 • 7pm XXY

Alex is a 15-year-old intersex person, with both male and female genitals, who has been living as a girl and using medicines to suppress masculine features, such as a beard, and to attempt to have more feminine features. However, recently Alex has stopped using these medicines. Alex’s parents moved with her from Argentina to a village by the sea in Uruguay, to avoid society’s negative stigma. Her father is a marine biologist who has written a book on sexuality and makes a living treating wounded animals found by fishermen. Her mother, Suli, invites friends from Argentina: a surgeon, his wife and teenage son Álvaro. The purpose, unknown to Néstor, is to discuss the possibilities of an operation. The film depicts her journey and the way her family copes with her condition and the ultimate decision that she must eventually make as she explores her sexuality.

Directed by Lucía Puenzo • 2007, Argentina • 87 minutes • DVD
In Spanish with English subtitles

Polvo Nuestro Que Estas
En Los Cielos
(Our Dust, Who Art In Heaven)
Thursday, April 23 • 7pm Polvo Nuestro Que Estas En Los Cielos (Our Dust, Who Art In Heaven)

This intriguing tale takes place in 1966, just before the election of President Gestido, until the coup de état of 1973. After the unexpected death of her mother, 7 year-old Masángeles is forced to live with her father, an influential politician, of whom she is an illegitimate child. Her new home is one of heightened emotions and neurosis. The ten egocentric inhabitants with whom she shares the house consistently attempt to resolve their pasts, presenting both absurd and comedic situations.

Directed by Beatriz Flores Silva • 2008, Uruguay
120 minutes • 35mm
In Spanish with English subtitles

A Via Láctea
(The Milky Way)
Friday, April 24 • 7pm A Via Láctea (The Milky Way)

A Via Láctea attempts to recreate what happens during the last moments of an individual’s life. What is it like? In an urban context, the puzzling issue of death is thrown at us. Will the spectator be able to discern what is happening or who is dying?

Directed by Lina Chamie • 2007, Brazil • 86 minutes • DVD
In Portuguese with English subtitles

Secretos De La Lucha (Secrets of Combat)
Saturday, April 25 • 7pm Secretos De La Lucha (Secrets of Combat)

A buffer zone of several decades allows a story to surface. This time, the narrative is written by the other side. They tell us what propelled them to choose violence as their vehicle to crystallize social change. Secretos de la Lucha is a documentary that will provoke us and questions our notions of justice.

Directed by Maiana Bidegain • 2007, France
85 minutes • DVD
In Spanish and French with English subtitles





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