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Archive: Winter 2007

Thursday, January 17 • 7pm

Once will be preceded by the short film Traffic Jam, directed by
UCI Film and Media Studies major Jose Troconis, as part of the
Film and Video Center’s 2008 UCI Filmmakers Series



Once is a modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin featuring Glen Hansard and his Irish band “The Frames.” The tale follows “the Guy,” who works part-time helping his father run a small vacuum cleaner repair business, but dreams of one day having his songs recorded and landing a record deal. Emotionally vulnerable, he is still coming to terms with the recent departure of his girlfriend and lacks the conviction and passion to move on in his pedestrian life. One day he meets “the Girl,” an Eastern European immigrant who has moved to Dublin to start a new life for herself. She yearns for what she cannot afford-a piano to help her escape from the daily grind of finding her way through this strange new land. A relationship blossoms between “the Guy” and “the Girl” as they’re both struggling. Their shared love of music causes them to flourish and grow with a new found confidence as they take a chance on each other and a new beginning on life.
The film features a Grammy Award nominated soundtrack and was the winner of the Audience Award at both the Sundance and Dublin International Film Festivals.

Once transcends even its own ambitions, becoming a complex meditation on relationships, Irish culture, and music.” —Toddy Burton, Austin Chronicle

“A little movie called Once gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year.” —Steven Spielberg

Directed by John Carney. 2006, Ireland • 85 minutes • 35mm




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