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Archive: Winter 2007

Disaffected Youth:
A Triad of Teen Angst

That Was Then... This Is Now Thursday, February 15 • 7pm
Beautiful Thing Saturday, February 17• 7pm
The Chumscrubber Thursday, February 22 • 7pm


This film series will spotlight some of the strongest issues facing youth as they struggle through their teen years on the path to adulthood: sexuality, death and drugs. Although each film in this series, That Was Then… This is Now, Beautiful Thing and The Chumscrubber, has an underlying subtext of drug use and abuse, they each delve deeper into the other elements of the triad. The films, spanning three decades and two continents, were chosen based on their presentation of the core issues. Each film, in its own unique style, raises many questions and often leaves the viewer without clear-cut answers.

I invite each person to keep in mind the concept of the Triad while viewing the films. I feel each person will gain some new insight into the lives and struggles of the young people around them.

Special thanks to the Film And Video Center for their valuable guidance in preparing this series.

—Tony Bandiera, Curator and FVC Projectionist


That Was Then... This Is Now
Thursday, February 15 • 7pm

That Was Then... This is Now

That Was Then…This Is Now explores the issues of growing up and taking on responsibility. Brian (Craig Sheffer) is the best friend of Mark (Emilio Estevez), who does things his own way, recklessly and regardless of the consequences. They begin to drift apart as Mark continues to get into trouble. Meanwhile, Brian gets a girlfriend, Cathy (Kim Delaney), a job, and begins to move past his youth toward adulthood. It is a touching and poignant look at a relationship that evolves from brotherhood to friendship to estrangement as Mark continues to spin out of control. That Was Then... This Is Now is based on the best selling novel by S.E. Hinton, author of Tex, The Outsiders, and Rumble Fish.

Directed by Christopher Cain. 1985, USA • 102 mins. • 35mm

Beautiful Thing
Saturday, February 17 • 7pm

Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing tells a story of young love that triumphs against the odds. Two teens, Jamie and Ste, are neighbors growing up in the lower middle class flats of London. Jamie, living with his single mom Sandra, is struggling with his sexuality and hazing from his peers at school. Ste, the object of Jamie’s affection, tries to cope with his drug dealing, hyper-masculine older brother and their abusive, drunken father. With a talented cast and superb soundtrack featuring music by Mama Cass and The Mamas And The Papas, this film takes a fresh and bitingly honest look at the search for true love and happiness, without resorting to tired Hollywood clichés.

Directed by Hattie MacDonald. 1996, UK • 90 mins. • 35mm

The Chumscrubber
Thursday, February 22 • 7pm
Reception 6:30pm

Q&A Session with Director Arie Posen and Producer Bonnie Curtis
after the screening

The Chumscrubber

Featuring an all-star cast: Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Rita Wilson and Jamie Bell. A film of incredible depth and texture, The Chumscrubber is many things: a dark satire, a biting comedy and a scathing send-up of the “perfect suburban California life.” Dean Stiffle (Bell) discovers the body of his best friend Troy and doesn’t bother to tell any of the adults about it. Troubled by the death of his friend and his dysfunctional home life (his father uses him as a case study for his books), Dean tries to cope with death, growing up and the pressure from his peers to get the drugs that Troy was selling. The story unfolds on many different levels and will present a different perspective with each subsequent viewing.

Directed by Arie Posen. 2005, USA/Germany • 108 mins. • 35mm

This program co-sponsored by Tony Bandiera,
TPA Transcom Services.


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