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Archive: Winter 2007

A Film Program and
a Film Entitled Program:
Brazilian Avant-Garde Films
Thursday, February 1
Double Feature Screenings at 6pm & 8pm

Introduction by Juli Carson, Director, University Art Gallery/
Critical and Curatorial Studies

Brazilian Avant-Garde Films

6pm screening:

Program, a short film by artist Florian Pumhösl, features “Casa Modernista,” an early work by Russian Brazilian Architect Gregori Warchavchik (1876–1972). Pumhösl’s film is based on his research about the origins of Sao Paulo’s modern movements. Program is followed by a screening of two important early Brazilian avant-garde films, São Paulo, a symphonia da metrópole, and Limite, both of which have been aesthetic, conceptual and historical references for the making of Program. Pumhösl lives and works in Vienna and his work has been exhibited throughout the world.

Directed by Florian Pumhösl. 2006, Brazil • 8 mins. • 16mm

São Paulo, a symphonia da metrópole

A remake of Walter Ruttmann’s “Symphonie einer Großstadt”, Kemeny and Lustig’s film is a modern filmic portrait of late-1920s Sao Paulo, documenting the rise of the metropolis in a significant transitory period.

Directed by Adalberto Kemeny & Rudolfo Rex Lustig.
1929, Brazil, 79 minutes, 35mm


8pm screening:

The theme of Limite is stated in its title—the limits faced by man in the struggle for existence. The narrative concerns three ship-wrecked people who reveal their stories in a series of flashbacks about what they were trying to escape when they took flight on the ship.

Directed by Mario Peixoto.
1930, Brazil • 120 mins. • 35mm

Co-sponsored by the UC Irvine University Art Gallery and shown in conjunction with the exhibition “Paradox and Practice: Architecture in the Wake of Conceptualism”

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