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Archive: Spring 2007

15th Annual Festival of Staged Readings of Student Screenplays

Thursday, May 31 • 7pm
Catered Event

Introduction by Marie Cartier, Screenwriting Lecturer
in the Department of Film and Media Studies at UC Irvine


The Film and Video Center is proud to present in collaboration with the Film and Media Studies Department the opening night of the 15th Annual Festival of Staged Readings of Student Screenplays. Established by Professor Marie Cartier in 1992 and still directed by her, the Screenplay Festival is a staged reading of selected UCI screenwriting students' work. We will hear a premiere reading of a feature length script with live actors from the UCI community. The scripts to be presented are decided through a competitive selection process and titles of screenplays will be announced in early May.

Following each screenplay reading there is a script doctor who will analyze the script and provide feedback to the authors, then the audience can engage in a question and answer with the author(s) as well as the script doctor (and the festival director). Audience members also vote on the screenplays for different qualities they possess: structure, character, dialogue, etc. The winning screenplay receives the Audience Appreciation Award. The Festival continues on Friday, June 1st (location to be announced).




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