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Archive: Spring 2007

Latin American
Film Festival
April 26 - May 12


The UCI Latin American Film Festival returns to campus for three consecutive weeks of movie screenings. The UCI LAFF will show independent films that are new to the U.S. audiences, as well as films that have had scarce distribution in this country. They represent the recent trends in Latin American cinematic expression and are among the very best in international cinema.

Post-festival update: (5/28/07)

The winners of the 2007 UCI Latin American Film Festival are:

Jury Award:
A Maquina

People's Choice Award:
Habana Blues

Opera Prima Award:
Los Pajarracos


All films will begin at 7 p.m. in HIB 100.

Latin American Film Festival

Thursday, April 26 • 7pm 

Alejandro Pelayo will be present to discuss the film after the screening. A round table discussion will be held from 5:30- 7:00 p.m. in HH 344.

Mexico, 1955. In a night of depression, the beautiful and popular film star Miroslava ruminates on her life. As the night progresses, her sad memories accumulate: her unhappy childhood in Prague before the war, a failed marriage, her various attempts at being taken seriously as an actress, and the betrayal of the man she loved. As she prepares for her suicide, her life is revealed on the screen, showing a disturbing look at one woman’s extreme loneliness.

Directed by Alejandro Pelayo.
1993, Mexico • 86 minutes • 35mm •Spanish w/ English subtitles



Friday, April 27 • 7pm
El Favor / The Favor

This is the story of two Argentinean women on the verge of lesbian motherhood. Mora and Roberta are desperate to have a child. With no scruples or hesitation they work out a plan: Roberta will seduce and have sex with Felipe, Mora’s brother. Unaware of his sister’s plan, Felipe isn’t easily seduced, and when an unexpected visitor turns up, everyone will get more than what they have bargained for. Colorful and wacky, with non-stop demented twists and turns, El Favor is a giddy and delightful screwball comedy that refuses to fit into any politically correct straightjacket, yet proves that starting a loving family can take many forms.

Directed by Pablo Sofovich.
2004, Argentina • 90 minutes • 35mm
Opera Prima, Spanish w/ English subtitles

Saturday, April 28 • 7pm

Jogo Subterrâneo / Underground Game       

In São Paulo, the weird and romantic piano player Martin believes in serendipity and invents a game to find the woman of his dreams. He previously selects a route in the subway, and in the wagon, he chases a woman to see if her destiny is the same as his. Following his procedures, he meets Tania, the mother of an autistic girl; the blind writer Laura; and the mysterious Ana, a woman with a secret past, and he falls in love for Ana. Inspired by Julio Cortazar’s short story “Manuscrito hallado en un bolsillo,” this movie will lead you through a labyrinth that is multiplied by the subway lines and the search for true love.

Directed by Roberto Gervitz.
2005,  Brazil • 108 minutes • 35mm
Portuguese w/ English subtitles


Thursday, May 3 • 7pm
Los Pajarracos

Héctor Hernández and Horacio River  will be present to discuss the film after the screening. A round table discussion will be held from 1:30- 3:00 p.m. in HIB 135.

The curious tale of a failed Lucha Libre masked wrestler, Miguel “Cachondo” Sanabria, a womanizer who, after impregnating the daughter of a drug-dealing politician, finds himself involved in a dangerous adventure. It is an adventure that will put him on the road to California, where he can find his freedom and fulfill his life dream: to fight in the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium.  But for this to occur, “Cachondo” must first pass through the most dangerous frontier in the world: Tijuana.  To reach his goal, “Cachondo” must get through a place where everything has a price and nothing is what it seems.

Directed by Héctor Hernández & Horacio Rivera.
2006, Mexico • 94 minutes • DVD • Spanish w/ English subtitles


Friday, May 4 • 7pm

Marko Zaror, a Chilean native who has trained extensively in karate and tae kwon do, plays a violent street gangster, whose life is forever changed when a powerful martial artist looking for vengeance kills his mother and kidnaps the woman he loves. This gangster journeys to a legendary martial arts master (Man Soo Yoon) and learns the honored path of the warrior. He emerges a master himself and sets out on his own mission of vengeance and to rescue his true love.

Directed by Ernesto Díaz Espinoza.
2006, Chile • 93 minutes • 35mm •
Opera Prima, Spanish w/ English subtitles


Saturday, May 5 • 7pm                        

Estamira tells the story of a 63 year-old woman who suffers from schizophrenia.  She has lived and worked for the past 20 years at the waste disposal site of Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro. This documentary follows her life during four years of continuous medication revealing her transformation and the effects of the drugs upon her.  With a poetic, philosophical and eloquent discourse, Estamira lives for the mission that was set upon her: to reveal and to reclaim the truth.

Directed by Marcos Prado.
2004, Brazil • 115 minutes • 35mm
Portuguese w/ English subtitles


Thursday, May 10 • 7pm                        
A maquina / The Machine

In Nordestina, a godforsaken little town lost in the wilderness, young Karina dreams of becoming an actress and wants to leave to see the world. A love struck Antônio embarks on a kamikaze journey to bring the world to his love, Karina. In order to do that, Antônio leaves town and announces, in a TV program, that he will perform a sensational feat: travel to the future from Nordestina's main square. If he fails, he guarantees, a death machine will kill him, live on TV, before everyone's eyes. A story where dreams contradict reality, geographic and political conditions threaten to restrain life, and love plays the ultimate transformative role.

Directed by Jõao Falcão.
2005, Brazil • 94 minutes • 35mm
Portuguese w/ English subtitles


Friday, May 11 • 7pm                        
El Calentito

El Calentito combines the political changes occurring in Spain in the early 1980s with the nascent punk scene.  On the eve of a military coup in 1981, Las Sioux are preparing for a musical showcase for a music company they hope will produce their first album. The band rehearses and performs at the club El Calentito owned by a sassy transsexual who acts as a surrogate mother to an all-girl’s band. Undeterred by unfolding political events, Las Sioux go on amidst the chaos surrounding the attempted coup on Spain’s young democracy. El Calentito embodies an era full of libertarian energy in which sexual and gender liberation, equality for women, and homosexuality began to exert itself on Spanish culture. As one of the members of the all female punk band Las Sioux says: “the fight is on the stage”!

Directed by Chus Gutiérrez.
2004, Spain • 90 minutes • DigiBeta • Spanish w/ English subtitles


Saturday, May 12 • 7pm
Habana Blues

Two young Cuban musicians, Ruy and Tito, share the same dream: to become famous and finally leave Havana. Ruy lives with Caridad and their two children. Although they still love each other, their relationship seems close to an end. Tito is on his own living with his grandmother. While in rehearsals for their first big concert, they learn that two Spanish producers Martha and Lorenzo are in Cuba looking for new talent. Facing what might be the chance of a lifetime, they will have to conquer "the Spanish".

Directed by Benito Zambrano.
2005,Cuba • 110 minutes • DVD • Spanish w/ English subtitles





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