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Archive: Fall 2007

Funny Ha Ha
Thursday, November 15 • 7pm
Reception at 6:30 pm

Director Andrew Bujalski to appear in person for Q&A session
(schedule permitting)

Funny Ha Ha

Marnie is 23 and drifts through Funny Ha Ha, Andrew Bujalski’s critically acclaimed debut feature, in search of romance and employment. The film’s conversations sound improvised and the narrative rhythms appear loose and ambling as it paints a deft group portrait of recent college graduates—Marnie’s friends, co-workers and would-be lovers. But this scruffiness is a bit deceptive, as the film has both a subtle, delicate shape and a point. By the end of the film, Bujalski reveals the curious facts and stubborn puzzles of contemporary life.

“Bujalski’s [Funny Ha Ha] is one of the first movies to put such sensitive and true characters on screen in all their imperfections. He deserves a good, long career... to ignore him is to ignore the stammering voice of a generation.”
—Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

Directed by Andrew Bujalski. 2002, USA • 85 minutes • 35mm


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