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Archive: Fall 2007

The Puffy Chair
Thursday, October 18 • 7pm
Reception at 6:30pm

Filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass to appear in person for Q&A session.

The Puffy Chair

The Puffy Chair tells the story of Josh, his girlfriend Amy and his younger brother Rhett. Josh is a failed NYC indie rocker and a failing booking agent. But he finds the potential of a small victory in a really bad idea. He decides to purchase a 1985 Lazy Boy on eBay, just like the one his dad had when Josh was a kid. He’ll drive cross-country with Amy for the chair, staying at his brother’s house on the way, and deliver it to his father as a surprise birthday gift. When Rhett ends up coming along, it’s three people and a giant purple puffy chair in a too-small van... and one of them has to go before the trip’s end.

“The delicate art of reupholstery, as it applies to furniture and human relationships, gives weight to the comic machinations of The Puffy Chair, the smart and painfully funny debut feature by filmmaker brothers Jay and Mark Duplass. Pic is an unusually human comedy of manners that… feels like a breath of fresh air pumped into an asphyxiating genre.” —Scott Foundas, Variety

Directed by Jay Duplass. 2005, USA • 85 minutes • Digital Projection





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