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Archive: Winter 2006

Tale of Cinema

Filmmaker Hong Sangsoo to appear in person

Introduction by Akira Mizuta Lippit, Professor of Critical Studies (Cinema-Television) and Comparative Literature, USC

Hong Sangsoo is one of the most renowned directors in the current New Wave of Korean filmmaking which has been attracting attention and winning awards across the global film festival circuit. Hong Sangsoo is generally regarded by critics as one of the most important directors active in contemporary world cinema. His films have routinely been invited to Cannes and Cahiers du Cinema, one of the world’s best regarded film journals, recently did a cover story on him. Set amidst an intoxicating backdrop of cigarette smoke and beer cans in the urban metropolis of Seoul, Tale of Cinema is an elliptical tale that blurs the boundary between fiction and reality and between the past and the present. Hong Sangsoo has won over 13 awards in major International film festivals, including Cannes and Rotterdam. We are delighted to present his latest film for the film’s Southern California premiere. Hong will be present for the post-screening Q&A.

“On the initial level, the film may be about a show that you see, in a movie theater for instance, and its influence on your subsequent behavior. On a second level, it may be about two men (or images of men), apparently different but ultimately welded together in a precarious manner at the end of the story: An adolescent and an adult who hasn’t managed to grow up.

“(This melancholy narrative shows) the intimate distance that exists between the act of love and death, or simply the images of two beings side by side.” —Hong Sangsoo, from the Cannes Film Festival 2005

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival 2005
Official Selection, New York Film Festival 2005

2005, South Korea • 90 minutes • 35mm
In Korean w/English subtitles • Directed by Hong Sangsoo


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